Wedding Photography With Dancing Fountains And Botanical Gardens

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Texas near Dallas, give George Street photo a call for an appointment. For those nature loving couples, photos can be taken at the well-known stunning White Rock Lake. The Dallas Arboretum is a 66-acre botanical garden that is very full of amazing photo shoots.


The Tampa, Florida area offers water fountains that dance around you at the Florida botanical gardens. It has 18 endless gardens offering keepsakes for a life time. George Street photography will capture all of your grand moments on your big wedding day.



The Ideas That Drove Jim Hunt To Start VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a very insightful and shrewd individual. His career has revolved around investing and making trades on that few other people would know about, and he’s been willing to share with others just how these trades are made. He was once interviewed by Ideamensch in which he answered questions about his business and how his personal time relates to it. For Hunt, it’s all about balance and spending ample time at work, while making sure family life also takes precedence. Jim Hunt has recommended people who are new to stock trading get started by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad a guidebook to the importance of investing.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has started a couple programs which he uses to show the fundamentals of stock trading and how simple he believes it can be when done right. The first is “Wealth Wave,” a program in which Hunt shows how money can be made even when a bear market is going to hit. His second program is “Making Mum a Millionaire” which shows how stock trading and math come together to reach millionaire status. Hunt says he did not start this program because of ambition, but rather to show just how 10 trades is all it takes to become a millionaire.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has put out a lot of information and demonstrations on YouTube where he has compiled many videos, but he also started up a company that publishes distance learning courses on investing called VTA Publications. This company is based in the UK and their courses cover a variety of subjects available in both print and electronic media formats reported on If you’re interested in forming a good retirement plan, you can learn about that in their course about retirement and the bible. Stock charts can become easier to read if you take their course on learning stock charts, and they have an additional course on little-known options and strategies for trading stocks. VTA Publications also hosts seminars in which expert investors and entrepreneurs lecture on investing and business tips, and these are all available for an extra price on DVD.


Thor Halvorssen Uses All of His Talents to Fight Against Tyranny

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights activist who has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of people who can’t fight for themselves. It is an unfortunate fact that many countries are ruled by brutal and merciless authoritarian regimes. Thor Halvorssen has fought against oppressive dictators since he was a young man. Unlike a lot of today’s human rights activists, Thor has personally experienced the abuse that authoritarian regimes are willing to inflict upon anyone who threatens their absolute rule.

Thor Halvorssen’s father was a government official in Venezuela who was arrested and tortured after he started investigating corruption within the system. It was only after Thor worked with Amnesty International and several other human rights groups that his father was released from prison after spending 74 days in brutal conditions. To make matters worse, Thor’s mother was shot and wounded by government agents while attending a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela. Thor Halvorssen himself was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City while conducting an investigation into human rights violations there.

Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York City in 2004. The Human Rights Foundation is dedicated to protecting freedom, liberty and democracy in countries around the world. The HRF is particularly active in fighting for the release of political prisoners and political dissidents living under ruthless dictatorships. The HRF uses publicity as a tool to focus public attention on the plight of the oppressed people who are incarcerated for standing up against their corrupt governments. The hard work of the HRF has resulted in many political prisoners being set free.

Oslo Freedom Forum

Thor Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009. The Oslo Freedom Forum is an annual gathering of human rights activists to discuss issues related to promoting liberty and human rights around the world. Some of the participants include Julian Assange, Peter Thiel and Lech Walesa.

Thor Halvorssen is also a film producer. Thor has produced several films that focus on raising public awareness of the wide range of human rights abuses that take place everyday. His films cover human rights abuses ranging from suppression of free speech to human trafficking.

Jason Hope And His Passion For Anti-Aging

Jason Hope knows that people age. However, he also knows that aging does not have to be accompanied with many different disorders that are associated with it. Fortunately, Jason is willing to help medical experts work towards this goal so that they will be able to effectively treat age related disorders.
For one thing, people that deal with age related disorders do not have to despair. However, people who are still young are the ones with the most hope of avoiding this issue. After all, Jason Hope wants people to take preventative measures in order to treat the possible disorders.

Jason Hope states that the methods for treating illness is very reactive. In this case, people are having to wait until they have these diseases in order to get the treatment. At the same time, one can have these diseases without treatment because they are unable to get the diagnosis required for the treatment. Fortunately, Jason Hope is willing to encourage the medical experts to consider a more proactive measure for treating illness. Among the different disorders that he is hoping to prevent are diabetes and Alzheimer’s. He is doing this through his involvement with The SENS Foundation.

Find more details about Jason Hope on Facebook and Crunchbase.

Jason has decided to invest in the SENS Foundation because he believes in the work they do. Therefore, he is willing to help them on their path towards bringing people greater health. His involvement with the SENS Foundation goes beyond financial investments. He is also reaching out to people in order to get them to join in on the work towards of brighter future where people are better able to maintain their health with the use of rejuvenation biotechnologies. One of the things he has noticed is that the body slowly becomes damaged through normal process such as metabolism. This is what leaves the body vulnerable to certain diseases.

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Tammy Mazzocco and The Success Bird

Tammy Mazzocco began working in the real estate industry as a secretary in a commercial real estate group. She soon was the manager of a condominium development for seven years. During that time she got her real estate license in 1995 at the suggestion of the Condominium owner and began to dabble in the real estate end of things.

Tammy then became a licensed assistant to a top RE/MAX broker, and she saw how a real pro ran his office, and she was hooked. In 1999 she went full time into real estate, and she never looked back. Today she is successful in her own right and has a great many clients in the central Ohio area.

When asked what it is that makes her so compatible to real estate; Tammy will tell you that the real estate business is a people business, and if you concentrate on the people, the rest will take care of itself. Tammy likes to tell when she is working with someone; she puts their needs first as opposed to worrying about that commission check at the end of the closing. That is all that matters because if the problems of the people are not solved you will not get the sale and you are wasting your time.

2016 brought a small boom to central and northern Ohio and real estate. People had money because jobs were plentiful and people were in the mood to buy homes. Then, suddenly along about mid-November, the market slowed down because there was now a housing shortage. Tammy didn’t bat an eye, but just kept doing what she had always done, and that is work with her people.

Tammy said the number one most productive habit she has developed is to set goals and then break them down into actionable steps. This works, and Tammy would recommend that process to anyone who wishes to succeed, not only in real estate but other fields as well.

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MB2 Dental Advances Support To Upcoming Professionals and Clinics

Managing a dental clinic is a process that calls for one to satisfy many needs. One of the issues that has to be addressed is the quality of services offered as well as the facilities available to allow clients to have easy time receiving services.

Many dentists who work independently also opt for offices, which have to be equipped with the latest technology and tools to make their work easy. Getting everything right amid the busy schedules is something many cannot achieve so easily, so MB2 Dental comes in to fill this gap and to take up all the stress that could slow down the progress of their work.

Marketing services

To place a business at the top of the competition chain, there has to be marketing services that should propel the business to a higher level. As a dentist, this is a role that would seem difficult since this is not what one is trained to do.

Even with high quality amenities and services, lack of marketing services would affect the growth of the business, so MB2 has been working with dentists and dental clinics to ensure they engage in the right marketing attempts.

Managing human resources

Human resource management is a vital role that a committed dentist may find challenging to handle. Hiring and vetting dentists before they are accepted is a process that requires a lot of time, and no dentist wants to spend precious time handling such processes.

According to White Pages, this is why MB2 Dental has increasingly grown its portfolio as the most preferred option for managing dental offices and careers. The company works with highly skilled professionals, who look into the human resource role of their clients to ensure they handle the talent acquisition process seamlessly.

Accounting and IT

Accounting is a role every company needs to accomplish and this is one of the determinants of the success of a company. As an accomplished dentist, one would like to get a clear picture of the performance of the business.

Handling accounting services requires skills and tools that are ideal for accounting processes, something many dentists many not posses. With MB2 Dental, this is an easy process that allows a dentist to receive the needed support to manage their career and to make the right decisions.

Additionally, MB2 offers IT services that are unique to the dental industry to ensure service delivery is streamlined. With an efficient system, a dentist is able to expand operations.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Phenomenal Success with the Online Dating App, Bumble

Dating apps are an excellent way to meet new people. Have you recently relocated work or school? Dating apps are a quick way to connect with people of similar interests accelerating the friend-making process.

They instantly let you find specifically what you are looking for. Dating apps reduce interaction fears helping boost your self-confidence. The virtual anonymity guarantees safety to take such bold actions such as flirt up front. They enable you to meet more people that you otherwise would in your regular circles.

Dating apps are convenient. They make starting conversations and interacting with new people easier. They provide a seamless way for those looking to improve on their networking efforts. They are also an excellent way to collect insightful statistics on a target marketing demographic non-intrusively.

Bumble is an online dating app that was co-founded by Whitney Wolfe and is majority owned by Badoo. Based in Austin, Texas, the app has achieved tremendous growth since launching in 2014 reaching over 3.5 million active users to date. It is the fourth most popular dating app in the world.

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The app operates on a fundamental principle that between a man and a woman connecting on the app, the woman should have more control over the interactions. The app reserves the first move to the woman allowing them to initiate and guide the interaction. Bumble uses details on your Facebook to generate a user profile. This is used to find matches and display them to you in an easy to use a layout where you just swipe a photo to signal a connection.

Anyone can connect, but the messaging has to start from the woman in a hetero situation. The link expires in 24 hours. The trick delivers on safety, and both men and women are flocking to it. Whitney Wolfe is credited with the firebrand marketing that has catapulted the company to the top.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe announced a new feature to the app named BumbleBizz, a business-networking platform. It will help you build a career profile that helps you match and connect with professionals and peers in your industry. Whitney Wolfe has previously worked for Tinder, an online dating company, and Hatchlabs, the startup incubation company that launched Tinder.

To learn more about Whitney Wolfe and the development of Bumble, read this article.


Fabletics Finds Success

Today’s retail fashion world has transformed in recent years, moving away from an experience that was strictly about visiting a showroom and trying on a wide selection of outfits. Sure, in times past, shopping for clothes meant scheduling a block of time for traveling to a mall or boutique and trying on all kinds of outfits in hopes of finding clothes that were comfortable and flattering. There’s no question the e-commerce revolution on the Internet has changed this whole equation and today consumers can search online for fashion that works for them.


There’s also been a transformation in the role of working out and staying fit in a woman’s life. Today women with an active lifestyle like to have fashionable workout clothes that can sometimes double as casual, or even upscale wear. All of these changes have created an opening for e-commerce fashion companies that can deliver great looking, wearable activewear for women who really want it.


The Fabletics Difference


Right now breaking through in the e-commerce fashion world is a challenging task. now has 20 percent of the commerce fashion market, and customers are demanding a higher level of customer service delivery, along with unique ideas from their fashion brands. Some companies are finding success in this crowded market, however, like Fabletics, the activewear brand launched by Kate Hudson and her partners just three years ago. Since then, the brand is now valued at an astounding $250 million, and going up from there.


VIP Brand Service


The Fabletics line is very attractive, very comfortable and also very affordable. All of these aspects have made the brand a popular online choice. The VIP subcription service offered by the brand is another attraction, too. Subscribers can fill out a personal profile, stating their needs for workout wear, and then pay a modest monthly fee. In exchange they receive a monthly selection of attractive workout wear personally selected by Hudson, all geared to their personal activewear tastes.


Customers have responded favorably to this VIP service aspect as well as to the quality of the clothing. Hudson is heavily involved in the brand, and her appealing presence and athletic looks make her a great spokesperson for the brand.


No, not every activewear brand can break through in today’s competitive commerce fashion marketplace. Fabletics, however, is showing how a combination of savvy marketing, quality products, innovative branding and a high level of customer service can really lead to success.

Freedom Pop Puts the Free Back in Free Cell Phone Service

In a world where just about everything costs money, the term “free” sounds like a sweet symphony in the ears. Freedom Pop is a company that provides a service that is almost unheard of these days: free Internet service. Yes, they provide free Internet service, and they aren’t just kidding around to see who falls for the prank. Consumers can get 200 voice minutes and 500 MB of premium 4G LTE service from this provider.




Did You Say Free?

Yes, the above-stated services are free, as in no payment. As if that isn’t enough, consumers get to enjoy features such as virtual numbers, international calling to more than 50 countries, and access to millions of hotspots. Stop laughing. These benefits are real, and they aren’t the only ones. Users can earn additional high-speed data by referring their friends and family members to Freedom Pop. They can think of it as a referral bonus that keeps on giving. It’s the company’s way of thanking the customers for their FreedomPop review.




What’s the Catch?

Consumers are so used to providers attaching strings to their “deals” that they often look for a catch when something seems as if it’s too good to be true. Freedom Pop doesn’t have a catch. Mobile phone users can use the services without committing to them. They can exercise their right to cancel at any time. Alternatively, they can use Freedom Pop as their main provider and start investing in additional services like increased data, more voice minutes and other benefits. Anyone can get started by checking the location and the device. That’s the first step to all the advantages of this service. The next step is enjoying the premium features. Freedom Pop works on the Sprint network, so users have access to reliable nationwide coverage.



About Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop first hit the wireless scene in 2011 when its founder, Stephen Stokols, decided to offer consumers everything that they needed to survive in the virtual world. Freedom Pop partnered with Sprint two years after it emerged, and it has been providing connection alternatives ever since. The provider has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars since its launch.



Freedom Pop supports a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, broadband devices and feature phones. The company currently does not offer service in countries other than the United States.


Free Wine Tasting From The Comfort Of Your Own Home With Traveling Vineyard

Many people have purchased a bottle of wine, come home, tried it, and decided they did not like the wine. Not only is the wine not to your liking, but you are also out the money that the bottle of wine cost. For this reason, many people attend wine tastings, to figure out what type and brands of wine they will enjoy.

However, for many people, these tastings are stuffy and uptight, making them feel uncomfortable, especially if they do not know much about wine. The problem still remains that it is hard to know if you will like a wine before you taste it. This problem lead to the creation of Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is an in-home wine tasting business. You can have a Wine Guide come to your home, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy some free wine.

To book a wine tasting with Traveling Vineyard, you simply need to find a Wine Guide near you. Wine Guides are trained all about the wines offered by Traveling Vineyard and can guide you to making wine choices that you will enjoy. You can then set up a wine tasting party in your home, with your friends and family.


The wine tastings are not stuffy and pretentious. It is a relaxing, comfortable wine tasting from the comfort of your home, inviting friends and family over to join in the fun. The Wine Guide will bring the wine to your home for free. Everyone likes free wine! The Wine Guide even brings the glasses for the tasting. Once you have a date set, then you will pick out five different wines to have at your tasting. Once those are chosen, your Wine Guide or Traveling Vineyards online tool can help you pick out the perfect foods that will pair well with your wines. Delicious food and free wine make for a great party.

The wines offered by Traveling Vineyard are exclusive to them. You cannot get their wines anywhere else. Once you’ve tasted a wine you love, the wine will be shipping right to you, no need to go to the store to find it. Since you have sampled the wine before you purchased, you are certain to love what you order. The wines from Traveling Vineyard are also affordable for every budget, ranging from fourteen to twenty-five dollars per bottle. The wine samplings are fun for both men and women, young and young at heart.

For more information visit their page on Facebook