Lip Balm Helps Keep Lips Beautiful And Healthy

Lip balm is a really nice thing to use because it helps people take care of their lips and their mouth without doing anything drastic. The lip balm that people use is going to help them make their lips feel better, and they are going to turn out a lot smoother. The people who want to take care of their lips are going to find out that it is very easy to care for their lips because they just slather on Evolution of Smooth at any time.
The lip balm goes on in broad strokes, and it will help to cover the whole lip without any problem. It is also very easy to carry this with the person in their pocket or in a bag, and it can be taken out to be used at any time. The simplest thing to do is to be sure that someone has the resources that will help them stay healthy. A healthy smile is a lot easier to maintain, but people who are not using lip balm today are going to have problems in the future.

Someone who is committed to using lip balm every day will start to notice a change pretty easily because they will be taking care of their lips every day. It is a pretty simple process to use these items, and it is going to show people that they have a chance to make their lips feel better when they are doing things during the day.

The people that are using their lips every day to talk or to work need to have Evolution of Smooth in their pocket, and people who have been able to get something in their pocket that will make their lips smoother will enjoy knowing their lips feel soft. They are great for kissing and much more healthy. EOS products are available on Ulta and on Check out the EOS Facebook page for more info.


Before Renting out your Home, contact a Reliable Financial Advisor

Renting part of your property to short-term tenants may seem like a secure investment. But experts advise that before renting out your property, you should contact a wealth or insurance professional. The experts will advise you on whether it is worthy to rent out your property to short-term tenants. A wrong decision may result in a financial loss instead of a profit.

Different problems may occur after renting part of your property to companies such as Airbnb and other companies that temporarily rent out your home. Common issues that have been experienced by homeowners who have suffered a loss after renting out their homes are discussed below.

1. Financial loss
Property owners stand a higher risk of losing more money than they earned from renting their property. The losses may arise if the temporary visitors vandalize one’s property or one’s neighbors’ property.

Tenants may also steal from you or refuse to compensate you for damages caused thereby adding losses to you. Additionally, if your visitors get injured while living in your house, you may be held responsible for their medical expenses.

2. Insurance coverage may fail to cover the losses.
Home insurance providers may not cover for losses resulting from short- term rentals. The property owner is responsible for damages and loss of assets incurred while hosting short- term hoteliers.

3. Secondary coverage takes effect after exhausting your resources
Airbnb and other organizations provide secondary coverage. The insurance policy covers for damages after your primary plan is exhausted.

Why should you consult a wealth or insurance expert?
Before you rent out your property to short-term tenants, it is recommended that you consult an experienced insurance expert. Insurance experts are way experienced to assess if renting out your property will be a good or a bad investment.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a professional that you can contact for reliable advice. Blair holds a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Financial Management services from the University of Houston. He is the co-founder of Wealth solutions.

Blair is also certified by various financial bodies and is accredited to hold titles such as a Retirement Income Certified Professional, Registered Investment Advisor, and Certified annuity specialist. His fields of specialization are investments, portfolio management, wealth management, banking, and financial services.

Wealth Solutions
Wealth Solutions is a registered consultancy firm that offers services in financial planning and wealth management. The company is based in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair established the company to help his clients make positive economic differences in their lives.

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Lovaganza – something for everyone in this global celebration

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

What combines motion pictures, live attractions, and exhibitions from across the world? Lovaganza, that’s what!

This bohemian style event of Lovaganza is planned to bring the cultures of the world together in order to increase global understandings on all levels. Originally scheduled for 2015, the happening has been moved to 2020. It is slated to be an epic adventure of worldwide proportion boasting locations in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania and a four month duration.

2017 will see the beginning of a global tour designed to promote the 2020 celebrations. The traveling tour is to feature a “glassless 3D” technology which brings the attendees into the experience in an exciting way as not known before.

Three motions pictures are to follow the traveling preview. These motion pictures are in the process of being produced right now. Frigiliana, Spain is one of the locations of just one of these films. The film on has increased tourism hopes pinned to it and is just the first part of the three part movie portion of the Lovaganza project. Inspired by the past, present and future of every nation, these films will truly take place on a global scale.

All of these are planned to be a part of an initiative to promote unity, peace and abundance on a global scale. A goal of this Lovganza’s project is to inspire all mankind to appreciate and understand their fellow inhabitants of this big blue planet in order to forge ahead with peace and prosperity into the future. The Lovaganza foundation, a non-profit organization which is still in the set-up phases, is hoping to back this and all projects which promote “A Universal Quality of Life for EVERY CHILD ON EARTH by 2035.” In fact the foundation seeks to work with any and all organizations which seek to further this as a goal.

The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is the “for profit” division of this effort. It aims to bring entertainment to those around the earth by showcasing the wonders of this world in which we live.

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Doe Deere Explains How She Found Business Success

The head of the unique and very successful Lime Crime brand is not an aging cosmetics giant, but the youthful and innovative Doe Deere. Recently, Deere has been named one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs in a list published by Self-Made Magazine, and has since found herself leading a new brand of beauty based women hoping to bring their own sense of style and individuality to their own brand.
Despite the success she has achieved the journey to success has not been an easy one for Doe Deere, who initially wanted to find success as a fashion designer after completing her education in New York; Doe Deere has always looked to bring a mythical sense of style to her work in fashion, which can often be seen as a throwback to her family roots in Russia.

Lime Crime began life as a clothing line designed and manufactured by Doe Deere herself before she decided to explore the world of cosmetics as very few fitted into her own sense of fashion and style. Despite Lime Crime largely being known as a producer of cosmetics with an edgy, bold look the company has now looked to evolve to include a series of cosmetics that are more subtle for everyday use.

The evolution of Lime Crime can often be seen as working hand in hand with the style of the self titled “Queen of the Unicorns“, Doe Deere. Always an artistic child, Deere looked to create an individual sense of style that many now see as breaking the traditional rules of fashion. Deciding to base her successful brand on the Internet is one of the main areas where Doe Deere has expressed her individuality, and allows her to see how the Web has changed over the years to make it more difficult for up and coming entrepreneurs to break through.

Social Media has become a major part of the success story of Lime Crime, which allows Deere and her group of Unicorn followers to provide instant feedback on the latest colors and looks produced. Instagram is one of the top inspirations for Doe Deere, who now states her main inspirations include many of those she follows on the social media platform.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime Explode On To Social Media

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the makeup brand known as Lime Crime, which had humble beginnings in 2008. Just eight years later, and the popular makeup company has taken center stage, being recognized for its large social media presence.

At the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram page is soaring, with more than 2.2 million loyal followers. Doe Deere is elated, because she believes in e-commerce for the future, as well as engaging with her many makeup-addicted fans. Social media provides immediate feedback, and Doe Deere sees value in this component, as she explained in an interview with Galoremagazine.

Lime Crime makeup is a different brand and one that is very beauty-forward. It’s not your mama’s makeup, ladies, and thank goodness for that. The quality and highly-pigmented bold makeup allows young women and men around the world to experiment with new ideals of beauty, as well as new ways of self-expression. Putting on Lime Crime’s Metallic Gold lipstick, for example, is unique, strong and hauntingly beautiful.

Women have responded to Doe Deere’s vision, and she knew deep inside that other people desired wearing bright, unusually-colored makeup in today’s culture. Doe Deere has always colored outside the lines, and that’s what Lime Crime is all about. Applying some of her makeup is quite empowering. As Doe Deere likes to say, “It’s freedom to be you.”

Lime Crime has gone mainstream in 2016, finding its way on to red carpets and the street scene. Doe Deere is playing with the big girls now, having been recently named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. This prestigious list also includes these respected business veterans, Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. Not too shabby for the young woman who was born in Russia and took her dreams of bold colors and everything whimsical with her when she moved to New York City.

Lime Crime makeup can be found online here at and at popular retailers like Urban Outfitters. Fans anxiously await for new colors to drop in the brand’s cult fave lipsticks, shadows and liners, and Doe Deere never disappoints. Her creative edge is out there, and her customers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Her new Superfoils, wet/dry foil eye shadows are simply gorgeous, with striking compact duos in oh so pretty shades like, Lawn/Flamingo, Malibu/Convertible and Cosmic/Firefly.

Lime Crime even has the most beautiful, metallic blue lipstick in Denim. Her sexy pigments cannot be duplicated, although her competitors keep trying.

Lime Crime is both a cruelty-free and vegan, independent company.

Doe Deere likes giving back to her community and favors numerous charities that assist women, children and animals.

Follow her twitter – @doedeere



New Brunswick Development Corporation commonly known as DEVCO was created in the mid-1970s to carry out redevelopment projects. Since inception, the company has seen more than 1.6 billion dollars in investment to aid in Brunswick’s economic revitalization. The new Brunswick is a model for the Atlantic City Development that is hoped to save Atlantic City from the debts incurred.

The unpaid CRDA loan raises questions about New Brunswick Devco on whether it can stand and surpass the debt level that has caught up with it to reach a point of paying for the loans they took. The 235 room Heldrich that opened in 2007 has struggled to attract guests having an occupancy rate of 63%. The hotel was, so cash strapped that the corporation had to tap 776,000 dollars of its money to fund capital expenses. According to Chris Paladino who heads the company the CRDA would be paid though it would take more years before that materializes.
According to the article that was written on Press Atlantic City, the 20 million was part of a 107 million in financing brought together to build the Heldrich. Those bonds were to be paid with revenue from the hotel though it has been unable to raise the funds. While the New Brunswick arranged to finance for the Heldrich the Middlesex County Improvement Authority was formally, the borrower of the 20 million.
According to a statement by Maria Prato the spokeswoman for Improvement Authority, the CRDA loan is secure and would be paid from available revenues. The CRDA director John Palmieri is confident that the loan will be paid and even stated that they gave the loan knowing that they will be among the last to paid thus the issues should not be an alarm as they make risky decisions every day regarding loan and that is part of their job.

The Success of Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a dynamic, energetic and determined entrepreneur who adopted business ideas since when he was young. Adams outgoing characters have enabled him to climb ladders of leadership positions in various institutions. He is the current co-CEO to JustFab Inc. a firm doing great in the fashion industry. At the age of 15, Adam Goldenberg founded his first company, Gamers Alliance, a company that showed his ability to lead. In 1999 he sold the company to MySpace parent company, Intermix Media. After the sale, he quit high school and joined Intermix as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. By the age of 20, Adam became the Chief Operating Officer, recording a history of being the youngest COO of a publicly traded firm.His ambitiousness and good relationship with his colleagues made him meet Don Ressler, his business partner. Later on, after News Corp acquired Intermix, Adam and Don sat and agreed to partner for a new venture, intelligent beauty. Adam Goldenberg acts as a venture partner at Crosscut Ventures, a venture fund that focuses on growing the promising technology community in Southern California.

Don & Adam Goldenberg collaborated and launched JustFab in 2010.They researched for a market niche that was not populated and had a pleasant demand. They came up with a plan to venture into fashion industry y which was starting to gain popularity. The latter incorporated their experience in business management and leadership skills that have seen the firm become a global leader in the category of subscription e-commerce with over 35 million members worldwide. Most recently, JustFab has expanded the business into countries outside of the United States, including Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Canada. JustFab Inc also has parented other companies like FabKids, Fabletics, shoe dazzle and Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg with the assistance of Don; a brand building authority and business visionary had also had his firm,, which he later sold to Intermix in 2001, has been able to report a profit worth millions of dollars within four years. JustFab has produced over $1 billion in deals and raised more than $150 million in capital for different innovative Internet organizations.

Adam in a recent interview at affirmed that he could not differentiate between a peep toe and a Mary Jane, though he knew that these products had much potential regarding scale. Adam said that they relied on their confidence to create a transformational business, so they brought in the best design, creativity, and style teams in the industry who shared the vision of delivering a high-quality product at the best price.With the current state, JustFab will be the leading fashion provider worldwide.

Dick DeVos Goes Above & Beyond For the Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has surpassed its fundraising goal for a planned expansion project. A campaign started in 2013 to raise funds for this project has already raked in $135.9 million, 10.9 million more than the original target of $125 million. This project is one of the first of its kind in the famed centers history. The approved project will include a riverfront pavilion, a pedestrian bridge linking the pavilion with the Kennedy Center, and a large expansion of the center itself. The innovative design will preserve the building’s original façade while adding additional space for studios, media-ready classrooms, an outdoor wall for simulcast and video presentations, with terrace seating to accommodate up to 1,600 people. As well as a café, which can be used as a hub for meetings.
This expansion has funneled in funds from philanthropists such as Dick DeVos, and the foundation he launched in 1989 with wife Betsy to become the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Dick’s fondness for the arts is reflected in his charitable donations and his words “we ignite the creative and innovative spirit of the arts to enhance the community. Nationally, we build capacity in arts leaders and equip them to effectively manage and lead their organizations.”
Dick’s charitable work does not stop at the Kennedy Center, often contributing to charities that promote education, seek judicial reform and to uplift communities and their leaders.
For more information on Dick DeVos and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.

Lime Crime A Hit Among Instagrammers

Lime Crime makeup company is a bit of a cult favorite among makeup users, similarly to how certain movies have a “cult following” of very devoted fans. This is because it’s a bit of a “niche” brand of makeup. The niche Lime Crime makeup occupies is that of extremely colorful makeup products. The most popular item that Lime Crime sells -for example- are their lip colors. The Lime Crime lip color literally come in every single color of the rainbow. If you take a jumbo box of crayons and look at all the colors within the box, likely Lime Crime has that same shade as one of their lip colors. Additionally they sell eye liners and eyeshadow.

Lime Crime has a strong cult following in their store, but on Instagram as well. Recently the cult favorite makeup brand reached over two million followers on their Instagram page: “@limecrimemakeup“. The company’s success on Instagram is actually fairly easy to understand, as many makeup companies who take the time to understand their fan base usually have a fairly good chance at amassing many followers on Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing mecca. Sometimes the photo grams on Instagram are artsy, funny, glamorous or just weird. The main idea behind Instagram though is to share life experiences or hobbies. Most of the fans of Lime Crime and other makeup brands share their makeup looks on their Instagram. Lime Crime quickly identified this and encouraged their fans to share their Lime Crime beauty or artsy makeup looks with a specific hashtag. By using the hashtag “#limecrime” fans of Lime Crime can share their best beauty looks using the makeup company’s colorfully fun products.

Lime Crime happily shares these photos on their Instagram, and even on the company Facebook. They do what they can to form a sort of community on Instagram for their fans. The Lime Crime shared makeup photos even turn up on the Lime Crime website. Lime Crime connected their Instagram and Twitter photos to their website so customers can see images of real people wearing the Lime Crime makeup products. This helps improve sales on their website since people can truly see what the product looks like on real people using it and it gives fans of Lime Crime makeup a sense that they are appreciated truly by the Lime Crime company.

If you want to be inspired or share your Lime Crime beauty looks, check the company out on Instagram today to share your most Lime Crime colorful selfies.

Beneful Offers Wet Dog Food Options That Will Have Your Dog Drooling

When most people think about Beneful, they think about the dry dog food they have seen on the shelves of many major retailers. Many people, however, are not aware of the extensive line of wet dog foods that are offered by Purinastore‘s Beneful. Beneful is known for providing meal options that are packed with nutrition and flavor. This remains true when it comes to their wet dog food meal options as well. Beneful offers 20 different wet dog food products that are made from real, nutritious ingredients. Let’s take a look at a few of the incredible wet dog food products from Beneful.

The Chopped Blends varieties of wet dog food from Beneful are probably one of the most popular. These finely chopped meal options provide nutrition and flavor in a resealable package, so there is never any waste. The Chopped Blends line of wet dog food from Beneful is available on Walmart groceries in many different flavors. One is a perfectly blended and chopped mixture of beef, barley, peas and carrots in a savory sauce. Another contains sweet potatoes, brown rice, spinach and salmon which is a delectable mixture filled with all the nutrition your dog needs! This is one of my pups absolute favorites.

The Rice and Lamb Stew wet dog food option from Beneful is another one of my pooch’s favorites. This delectably saucy meal option is made with real lamb, peas, carrots, and rice blended to perfection in a savory sauce.

For something not so standard that still provides all the nutrition, you could ask for with the bonus of new flavors for your dog to enjoy, try the Romana Style Medley wet dog food option. This wet dog food from Beneful contains farm-raised chicken, spinach, pasta and carrots offering a balanced and nutritious meal that your dog is sure to love. This medley is perfect by itself or when mixed with your favorite Beneful dry dog food.

These are just a few of the incredible wet dog food options available from Beneful. To learn more about these products check out their facebook website at or their twitter at