Sunday Riley Products Are an Investment You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Sunday Riley has spent many years trying to come up with beauty products that work. They are very high-end and effective products that you can easily incorporate into your beauty regimes. They are not inexpensive but when it comes to top-notch beauty products you have to expect to pay for what you get. Many beauty products cost upwards of $1000, so in comparison, you are getting a bargain when you buy her products.

Often consumers will steer clear of any beauty products that contain somewhat scary ingredients such as retinol because if they are not used correctly, they can actually cause more damage than good such as irritation and redness. Sunday Riley beauty products are made from high potency ingredients, but they have just the right balance, and they will leave you feeling pampered. Your skin will love you as well.

Sunday Riley offers some pretty exciting products such as U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, and Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. There is also her Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm. All of her products are made with the highest-quality ingredients and are giving people who use her beauty items their confidence back. Many people who use her products find that their skin improved so that they no longer need as much or any makeup items such as foundation. They are also more conformable in their skin and gain back their confidence.

Far too many people are simply frustrated with their beauty products and have simply settled for what they have in their cosmetic bags. They are looking for something far better, but it can be hard to switch up the regular routine and to try out completely new products. Her skincare products are an investment in yourself and will give you that coveted beauty glow that all the celebrities have.

She is the formulator of her products and she wanted to deliver the very best to her customers. If the product is not up to her standards they will not make the cut and she has very high standards when it comes to her beauty products.

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Dr. Saad Saad reveals information about dealing with children with stuck objects

Dr. Saad Saad is a professional pediatric Surgeon. He has been in the industry for more than 40 years. He has been able to remove objects from the trachea and the esophagus in children. Dr. Saad Saad has helped more than 1,000 children in the course of his career.

These children were between the ages of six months to fourteen years. It is common for children between these ages to play with objects. Some of them end up putting these objects in their mouths and swallow them unintentionally.

According to Dr. Saad Saad, kids are always curious and want to use their mouths to taste things that they are not supposed to test using their mouths. This is mostly the case when it comes to young children. That is why the “terrible twos” is the worst moments for any parent. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

In most cases, the objects that kids swallow will go through the food pipe into the stomach without the kid experiencing any severe complications. However, sometimes the object will be stuck in the food pipe and go through the windpipe accidentally. This can bring about trouble swallowing, trouble breathing as well as wheezing.

Some of the examples of objects that mostly get stuck in the esophagus or the trachea are coins, hot dogs, and peanuts. Big objects such as hot dogs and coins usually get stuck in the food pipe with smaller ones being stuck in the windpipe like peanuts. The first thing to do if an object has been stuck in a child of less than 6 years is to turn the kid upside down while holding the legs. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

While in that position, tap their backs and the object will come out. In a case where the child is older, it is necessary to perform the Heimlich maneuver to remove the object. This happens by standing behind the kid and wrapping around their waist by your hands.

Thrust the abdomen with your hands just under the rib cage. The child will cough out the object in most of the times. However, if the maneuvers do not work, it is important to rush the kid to the hospital.

As a parent or guardian, it is essential not to try to scoop out the object after a kid has swallowed an object. Scooping the object may push the object further which might lead to further blockage and cause more pain to the child.

For the cases where the object does not come out through the simple first, an X-ray will be conducted to see the location of the object before any step is taken.

The x-ray is however not very effective since it does not detect some materials. For example, it cannot detect the position of a pea.

Fortress Investment Group Success from an Idea

One of the most successful investment companies is Fortress Investment Group which was formed with the goal of creating private equity funds. In addition to that, the company has been involved in cutting-edge vehicle investments. The company was founded by a competent team which worked tirelessly to put the company in its current position and status. The company was founded twenty years ago in New York by Randal Nardon who is the current CEO of the company and the co-founders were R.Edens and L. Briger. The three had worked in other, therefore, were experienced and had skills in business management.

Fortress Investment Group headquarters are located in 1345 Avenue of America’s New York City in the United States. On February 9th, 2007, the firm was launched on NYSE where it was credited as the first huge private equity firm in the U.S to go public in terms of trade. On the same year, the net income of the company rose to $32.9 million and by 2016, the company was earning a revenue of $1.1 billion with its net income rated to approximately $180 million. Fortress Investment Group has also created a lot of job opportunities for people where it has employed 2533 workers who depend on the salary they get from the company for their survival. In the previous years, the company was involved in businesses like real estates, traditional investments, hedge funds, and debt securities but it grew and private equity funds increased a tremendous rate by 2006.

When Nardon and Edens were engaged in the affairs of the company, Kaufman who is also a co-founder in the company had a dream in car racing. He decided to venture in car racing business where he invested 50% of the company’s stake in Michael Waltrip Racing. It became a success and soon he launched RK motors Charlotte and he is also an owner of Ganassi Racing. Fortress Investment Group was currently rated to have an estimated worth of $43 billion of assets. These assets include private equity investors, permanent capital vehicles and hedge funds. Fortress Investment Group also supports 900 workers who live in New York. Fortress Investment Group Focuses On Open-End Asset Funds

Waiakea Volcanic Water Causing Disruptions in the Bottled Water Sector

The bottled water section in any supermarket is usually filled with many brands. Many consumers find themselves in a confusion, trying to choose whether to go for the fresh water, spring water or filtered water. With such a large pool, how can you make your bottle-water brand stand out?


Ryan Emmons has innovatively managed to earn a considerable niche in the bottled water sector, having come up with the idea of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Emmons established the company in 2011. Through his creativity and robust marketing strategy, he received a Leadership Award by the Specialty Food Association in the Citizenship category. This award recognizes individuals, who through their business innovations, have disrupted the socio-economic setting while creating environmental awareness.


Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Emmons loved to surf. The idea of a bottled water company sparked in his brain when he first tasted spring water. He loved the taste and was certain that most people would do. The only problem was how to create public awareness.


Emmons understood that no individual or entity could have all water rights. He decided to lease for 99 years. Additionally, the brand name offers a unique touch to it, for it is the only volcanic water available in the market. Ground run-off (rain and snow cascades) seeps through permeable rocks that filters out impurities, leaving the water rich in mineral salts, alkaline, and electrolytes. The coolness factor, the moderate Waiakea water pH, and the name are enough to push consumers to give it a try.


Environmental Awareness

Emmons also found out that only a fifth of all plastic bottles get recycled. That implies that billions remain in the environment, causing significant environmental concerns. To reverse this, Ryan decided to partner with rPET, a manufacturer of recycled plastic bottles. By so doing, the Waiakea water became the first water bottles to be Carbon Neutral approved. Also, the firm uses nano-additive TimePlast, that makes the bottles decompose fully within 15 years instead of 1000 years needed for the normal plastic bottles.


Waiakea Water has also partnered with Pump Aid to make clean water accessible in areas where the precious commodity is a rare jewel. Through this partnership, 500 million liters of water has been made available in rural regions through pumps and boreholes.

With such innovation and care for the less fortunate, the future holds a lot of prospects for Ryan and Waiakea Volcanic Water company. The firm is exponentially growing and taking along with it a large chunk of the market.

OSI Food Solutions Receives Its Third Globe of Honor

OSI Food Solutions began as a butchery in Chicago, Illinois. This was in 1909. By the 1950s, the company had partnered up with McDonald’s – when the franchise was first born. They have been supplying McDonald’s, and other fast food restaurants, with fresh meat products for years.

OSI Food Solutions’s success could be owed to their motivation and drive. The company is always expanding and purchasing new facilities. One of their recent acquisitions was Flagship Europe, a supplier of frozen poultry, pies, sauces, and dressings.

“This is another exciting and progressive development for Flagship Europe,” said Russell Maddock, a chief executive of Flagship Europe. He went on to explain that the increased resources that will be available to his organization will allow them to reach new clients and new markets.

David McDonald, the president and COO of OSI Food Solutions was equally optimistic, saying: “Adding Flagship to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe. The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths.”

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Baho Foods, a Dutch company, was also another recent acquisition of OSI Food Solution. Baho Foods produces snacks, deli meats, and other convenient items. Along with Baho Foods, the purchase comes with five subsidiaries: Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Vital Convenience.

Baho Food’s managers will remain in the company. They will work alongside some of OSI’s top people to come up with a growth strategy to benefit both companies.

OSI Food Solutions has also received three Globe of Honors. They received the award in 2013, 2015, and 2016. The Globe of Honor is only given to companies that put thought into their environmental management. The 2016 award ceremony was held in Drapers’ Hall in London, England. OSI Food Solutions was just one of the 18 companies to receive the award.


End Citizen United Aims At Ending Corruption

End Citizens United is a political movement that was formed early 2015 with an effort to create transparency in the American elections. Its principal aim is to eradicate corruption. It also spearheaded the fight against the American Supreme Court’s decision of considering only the rich and corporate people to fund America’s elections.

This funding had led to the diminishing of election balance. Previously, there was little, if any, transparency and accountability in the general elections. These rich people were only funding the polls expecting a favor in return.

End Citizens United is focused on bringing transparency and accountability to the American citizens. By doing this, lawmakers will be forced to take action against those trying to buy the elections, and in return, fairness will be struck.

To end political rigging, the movement has collaborated with grass root donors. It has also raised the issue to the national level. This mission will be successful by the movement’s election of new pro-reform candidates, disclosing the money used in politics, passing pro-reform laws in the country and demonstration of political power by use of grass root membership. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

End Citizens United is committed to seeing that the voice of all citizens in the country is well-voiced and heard not only during but also after elections. Those willing to donate and or sponsor the campaigns are to be transparent and honest about their motives and their source of money.

However, the Republicans, in power who have not embraced it wholeheartedly, are hampering the progress of End Citizen United. They are not ready to overturn the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the rich and the corporates. This has not put the spirit of End Citizen United movement down. It has continued to support those who are ready to be transparent with their finances, during and after political campaigns.

Pro-reform candidates have been given a chance by End Citizens United to post their requests. This range from their willingness to be donated for, to showing how reformed they are regarding finances.

End Citizen United is still growing and calling upon people to join it. Joining the movement will help in ending corruption in the country and seeing to it that the American people get equality and equity. It further and fully supports those who put the needs of the citizens first and aim at improving the lives of all communities.

Read more: The Future in Package Delivery

There is an article that has been posted by The Wall Street Journal called “Chinese Retailer Turning Its Logistics Network Into Broader Delivery Service” discussing the bold new move being taken by the China-based company in the realm of package delivery. While has been a market leader in the distribution market of its goods to its consumers for quite some time, they have now taken the initiative to open up their shipping network to their consumers and local businesses. This means that will not only deliver range of product that customers buy from their website, but they will also deliver packages in general for their consumers. It is a bold move but not one that is unheard of in the region.

This new network will also be a direct competition for shipping companies such as ZTO express and SF express. These bigger delivery services resemble those of UPS and FedEx in the United States. sees this move is natural because their network is already capable of reaching more than 99% of the population and it can deliver most of the orders that it receives within less than a day. Their an expansive network includes more than 500 different warehouses and over 7000 delivery stations. There are also somewhere around 250,000 transportation vehicles that occupy its delivery fleet. When it comes to parcel delivery, is completely prepared to offer this service to its customers.

For the creators of This move seems to be a logical one. They believe that there are few competitors that possessed their resources. The expansion into package delivery is also going to be good for them. Because they possess such an expansive network, changing to package delivery would help support that network a little better. It seems that is intent on taking the plunge and jumping headfirst into the package delivery market. They will be major competitors in the future. In fact, the CEO has talked extensively about the fact that they would love to have a global presence one day. The future will tell that story as they continue their expansion into the Chinese economy.


Jacob Gottlieb is ready to reinstate his position in the healthcare investment  with Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is among the people who have done a great job in the investment sector. He has been the CEO of Visium Asset Management since 2005. He created this firm after working with other organization for about another one decade. When he created Visium, he was confident that he would excel in the industry. He had everything that was needed to succeed as an investor in the healthcare sector. Just as he was expecting, businesses were doing well, and his company kept on winning huge profits. The investors with this company were happy with the huge returns they were getting. Various pension funds had invested in Visium Asset Management.

Jacob Gottlieb was happy with the progress the company was making. When he was creating this company in 2005, he brought together a team of 20 investors who he would work with. He also invested $300 million into the firm. By 2016, the company had expanded its influence is much that they had three offices; in London, New York, and San Francisco. The assets had also grown to $8 billion. The growth that took place in this period was enormous. Between 2013 and 2016, this company had managed to double its assets.

Despite the success the company going through, trouble would come in 2016. There top fund managers in the company were inducted with conspiracy and inside trading. All these things happened without the knowledge of the CEO, Jacob Gottlieb. The aftermath of the allegations was a total collapse of the firm. Investors withdrew so much money from the company in a short time that it could no longer stand.

Jacob Gottlieb has recovered from the ordeal, and now he is ready to make a difference. He is ready to invest once more through a firm he has created known as Altium Capital. With the experience he has, it is going to be one of the most successful firms.

Find out more about Jacob Gottlieb Altium:–cnbc/

The Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

The Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

Many people especially bloggers have been feeding the Americans with the wrong information about Checks. They are determined to make the people believe that freedom checks are a scam by arguing that there is no way the government would allow citizens to run their businesses without paying taxes. Some are also determined to create a picture that freedom checks involve investing a lot of money to firms they are not sure of getting any returns. Regardless of the way all these information might be very convincing, they are not true because checks are not scam investments. Instead, freedom checks are policies that were created by the government led by President Nixon that is focused on creating opportunities for investors to invest in a tax free business.

In order for an investor to be part of the freedom checks beneficiaries, they must join one of the more five hundred firms that are part of the checks. These firms are referred to as master limited partnerships that serve various roles in creating investment opportunities for their partners to work in. One of the areas that the master limited partnerships create opportunities for their members is the energy industry. The master limited partnerships provide transport for fuel through pipelines which is one of the safest ways of transporting fuel, defying, exploring, developing and leasing ready refineries to a company investors.

After acquiring an oil refinery from the master limited partnerships, the partners shall send 90% of the total amount they earn from refinery. The master limited shall, in turn, distribute the amount to their partners in a quarterly depending on the size of shares that each investor has. Contrary to the claims that these returns are not certain whether they will be distributed to the partners or not, a lot of partners have earned a lot of money in the past. Although most people have been describing the master limited partnerships as divided, these firms like to refer to it as distributors. Therefore, in order to earn a lot of money per quarterly, partners are advised to buy Checks shares  as many  as possible regardless of the size of the investment.



Sussex Healthcare Knows How to Help People

Sussex Healthcare is one of the top companies in the world catering to elder care. The company is professional and knows how to help elderly people have the best end of life experience possible. They work hard using many different areas of help for others. Sussex Healthcare knows how to help people using technology, exercise and healthcare combined to make things easier for them.

Technology plays a huge role in many care homes. Sussex knows the right way to use technology in their more than 20 care homes. The technology they use combines with excellent levels of care to help elderly people have the best experience possible no matter what issues they normally face. Sussex Healthcare knows how to make a difference for more people and they know what they can do to bring positive attention to elder care. The technology they use helps the seniors have more freedom in the care homes. Visit

Exercise is a huge part of any elder situation. Sussex Healthcare knows this and also understands the importance of making sure seniors get the exercise they need. In their care homes, Sussex focuses on safe and independent exercise. Most exercise equipment in the homes is easy for all the seniors to use. They have safe features for people with disabilities and that’s what makes their exercise program so unique. It allows the seniors and people with disabilities the chance to use exercise equipment independently without worrying about how it could hurt them.

Even though Sussex likes focusing on how they can use alternative opportunities to help seniors, they don’t let that detract from the hard work they do to make sure they’re providing the best care possible. Sussex Healthcare knows what to look for when they’re finding providers. They also know they can make things easier for people who struggle with care. By allowing people to learn more about health care and about the things they do to have a positive healthcare experience, Sussex knows what they can do to give back to the community. They use these opportunities to find the best providers while also making sure their patients get the best care.