Thor Halvorssen Brings New Ways of Marketing Human Rights Activism to The World

Thor Halvorssen has not been an activist who has simply been happy to sit back and follow the way things have always been done in the past. In fact, the Venezuelan born University of Pennsylvania graduate has consistently worked in new and innovative ways to make sure news of the worst possible human rights abuses are reported to people around the world; Halvorssen also looks for new ways of making sure the human rights activism community as a whole has a voice that is as strong and powerful as possible.

Perhaps the most important contribution made to the global community of human rights activists is the establishment of the Oslo Freedom Forum that has become known as the most important event on the calendar for activists around the world. The Oslo Freedom Forum is a major event that has attracted some of the best known figures in the human rights activism community along with celebrities, politicians, and celebrities. In seeking out new ways of promoting the stories of abuse that leak out of closed societies Thor has looked to work as a link between broadcasters, celebrities, and activists who can work together in a bid to bring as much information to the people of the world as possible.

Activists from various groups are consistently looking for new ways of getting young people involved in the work of human rights groups, which is also a major concern of Thor Halvorssen. The award winning film producer has developed a number of partnerships with different activism and charitable groups, but has also established the Moving Picture Institute that is concerned with bringing human rights based stories to the attention of the world through documentary production; as a well known documentary producer Thor Halvorssen understands how powerful this medium can be in bringing real life stories to the attention of the wider world. The Moving Picture Institute provides funding and various support options for those wishing to bring human rights stories to as many viewers as possible.


How To Get The Right Product For Dry Hair

Looking for top quality hair products brand? Choosing the suitable hair spray for dry hair is largely dependent on the active substances. Dry hair requires hair sprays that deliver sheen as satisfactorily as assists to keep the hair in place. Products that contain a high amount or concentration of alcohol are not appropriate for dry hair, because alcohol can be too harsh on the hair. A spray that has moisturizing ingredients can definitely be a great hair spray designed for dry or brittle hair.

People who are dealing with dry hair can take appropriate measures to improve the the luster or shine of the hair. Dry hair is normally a sign that the hair requires essential nutrients. Regular use of a moisturizer can assist transform dull, thinning hair into beautiful, luscious hair.

When shopping for the most suitable hair product for dry, dull hair, always remember that price should not be a deciding factor – consider quality of product. There are a multitude of hair sprays and styling treatments that are available at beauty counters that will enable hair to hold a style. You need to pay close attention to the product’s ingredients. If your hair looks better with products that have shea butter in them, for example, choose hair sprays that have shea butter.

Wen by Chaz has been producing hair brands for several years and is a highly regarded company. This company is well known for their honesty, and transparent dealing with users about their products. Their product lines are made with natural ingredients – top quality herbal products. The company cares a lot about the well-being of their customers and avoids the use of chemical ingredients in their product line. Buyers appreciate that no chemicals are included in the products.

Check out the website  and follow Wen on Twitter for more information on hair care. For additional info, visit the Wen crunchbase page.


Securus Responds to GTL’s False Allegations

Securus Technologies, one of the leading prisons telecommunication service providers, issued a press release in response to GTL’s press release concerning their video monitoring innovations and patents. According to Securus, GTL’s press release, which was issued on June 7, 2016, contained a number of false allegations against Securus. Securus therefore took it upon itself to correct the claims and make the truth known to the public through a press release issued on June 9, 2016.


The Allegations


One of the allegations made by GTL was that the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) determined that all of their video monitoring innovations were patentable and therefore GTL could seek injunctions and damages against Securus for using their technologies. However, Securus revealed that this was not the case and that the PTAB stated that it would not review the claims. It is, therefore, still not clear whether the GTL innovations are patentable.


GTL also claimed that Securus has been using some of their already patented video monitoring technologies but Securus remained firm stating that it was not using any of GTL’s patented technologies and therefore they are not at fault as GTL claims. The CEO of GTL, Mr. Brian D. Oliver,claimed that Securus is known for bullying its competitors into settling disputes for cash whenever an issue arises. However, Securus CEO, Mr. Richard A. Smith, maintained that GTL was out to tarnish Securus’ flawless reputation as Securus was willing to enter into a license agreement with GTL but GTL opted to sue them.


Bottom Line


Mr. Smith believes that the course GTL has taken is illogical as patent litigation will cost them millions of dollars and will take many years to come to a close. Securus has been providing excellent products and services to correctional facilities ever since its establishment in 1986. Their commitment to providing the highest-quality products and services led to their recognition by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company received an A+ rating in May 2016 and continues to strive to achieve better performance in the industry.

Online Reputation Management Helps To Create A Good Impression

Are you worried about what people read about you or your business on the Internet? Looking for a great company that offers outstanding reputation management for businesses? Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of hiring the services of an online reputation management firm for all of our reputation monitoring needs.

If you are wondering how to go about protecting your online reputation or attracting customers and clients to your business, you need to look into online reputation management.

In spite of all the huge advantages of interaction and also advertising that the internet has actually brought, it also presents the risk of businesses suffering reputation damage. This is why it is so necessary to protect your business’s good name and also enhance your credibility. To do this, it is important to have online reputation management, a reliable method that offers many distinctive benefits.

With a good online reputation management system in place, your organization or business will have a great chance of building an impressive image online. Any negative or derogatory remarks can be addressed right away and eliminated from view of Internet surfers.

Customers and clients will also be presented with favorable content about your company and services. When they search online or social media, they will see the accessibility of communication, the positive reviews and comments on social media websites and forums, and the solid value of thoughtful client service noticeable in your participation online.

The need of management is evident as most people will never make a purchase without researching companies and products. Yet there is no doubt that it is a time-consuming task. It could be extremely difficult for you to put in the time and effort to do the research and tracking that it calls for. That is where online reputation management specialists can assist.

Reliable online reputation management professionals render a variety of services to firms, both big and small. Depending on your organization and marketing design, online reputation management professionals could come up with the best technique for building a great online credibility for your needs.


IAP Worldwide services business operations

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading company that specializes in infrastructure development, facilities management, and logistics services. IAP Worldwide Services is based in the United States and serves agencies such as the US military and government. The company provides assistances to other entities in various parts of the world. Through IAP Worldwide Services, entities have received services at Services include building construction, road construction, communication systems, energy facility and road development. IAP avails its emergency and relief services to different parts of the world.

IAP history

IAP was officially established in the year 2005. The company’s history dates back to a combination of other businesses that have been in operation since 1953. At the start, IAP was called Pan AM World Services. IAP Worldwide Services specialized in building launch complexes for space shuttles. The company’s first success was making the first air-breathing shuttles used for space explorations. By the year 1989, the company was bought and acquired by Johnson Brothers and was named Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. The company established itself as a leading military base and offered commercial facilities. These services assisted in the management and maintenance of other businesses. The company was later renamed to IAP Worldwide services. Since the change of names, IAP Worldwide Services has provided logistics and emergency disaster relief services to the United States Military.

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Job opportunities

IAP Worldwide Services offers several jobs for the growing population. Individuals from all over the world can take advantages of these employment opportunities. The first opportunity is that of a finance analyst. Here, an individual manages and oversee the company’s financial operations and strategy. The next job opportunity is that of an air traffic controller. The position allows one to monitor and check flights arriving and leaving the airport. The company’s employment opportunities is based on technical work. Positions such information technology and professional administrator are always available.

IAP’s acquires business units

IAP has been on a constant growth. The company recently announced the acquisition of two business units as a strategy for future development. One of the companies was DRS’s Logistics and Aviation business based in Oklahoma City. The other company is TCNS business located in Aberdeen Proving Ground. DRS’s logistics and aviation firm provides services such as aircraft management and repair, logistics support services and mission services. TCNS assists its clients with services related to engineering, communications and information technology. IAP’s primary goal is to integrate abilities and talents of the acquired business units.

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Jim Hunt Is A Master Of His Trade

Jim Hunt has great skills when it comes to trading and investing. He can quickly research a particular market and then know immediately if it is worth investing in. Some investing opportunities seem amazing, but they end up being the worst decisions ever. Jim Hunt is excellent when explaining to a customer why a specific deal that looks amazing is definitely too good to be true.


Running VTA Publications, Hunt has thousands of customers, and they continue to use his services all the time. Some of these individuals are very young, and others are seasoned investors and traders. Every customer loves the low costs to use Hunt’s services.


Though Hunt does his best to charge extremely low prices, there are still individuals that cannot afford Hunt’s assistance. These individuals have two good options. The first would be to get on a flexible payment plan with VTA. The second would be to take advantage of all the free videos posted daily by Hunt.


On behalf of VTA, Hunt posts daily videos on These videos explain all the current work he is involved in. He also make special announcements like new promotions being offered by VTA Publications. Hunt then shows various techniques of how to invest and trade properly and ways to get sure results. There is something new to learn in each video.


Hunt studied the financial market for years. He soon discovered ways people could take their own path in investing and trading and not go through a traditional bank. This discovery led to the discovery of VTA Publications. After using Hunt’s teachings, the first few customers of the company immediately promoted VTA. This was due to all the benefits they received and the money they saved.


Hunt studied the financial market all of his life. Even as a child he was interested in saving money. His entire time in college consisted of Jim Hunt forming ways to build a new-age financial plan. Hunt has also won several different awards due to the amazing work he has done and contributed in.   Follow the human side of Jim on his Tumblr page.

WEN By Chaz Makes Hair Care A Breeze With Thoughtful Gentle Formulas

Hollywood celebrity stylist Chaz Dean is a passionate man, one who cares deeply about the hair care products women use today. He has dramatically changed the way we all care for our locks, because he bravely told the world the truth about store bought shampoos and conditioners.

The hair care products at drug stores and high-end boutiques continue to harbor a dirty, little secret. Most of these formulas contain big, bad sulfates and other chemicals which strip the hair and weaken strands. The WEN By Chaz system does the opposite, using incredible formulas derived from nature that gently soothe the hair with zero chemicals.

Chaz Dean’s no lather shampoos could be considered the original no poo method. His unique cleansing conditioners have been developed to add body and gloss to hair of any type and texture. The brand even makes these special blends for children, like the WEN Hair Kids Watermelon cleansing conditioner. Of course, it smells divine and offers a healthy formula, even for kids who suffer from common allergies. It’s so gentle, and lots of women sneak the product for themselves.

Women have been incorrectly taught for years that big lathers equal big, healthy hair. Chaz Dean says that isn’t so and believes his no lather concept is superior in the strength and manageability of a woman’s mane. His innovative approach to hair care began in 1993, when he launched the WEN no lather shampoo brand. His line is so gentle and effective, that Chaz Dean (view his Twitter) has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his loyal clientele for 23 years now and counting.

When you purchase a bottle (via: of WEN By Chaz, his cleansing conditioner has a multi purpose. It acts as a great shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It’s economical, healthy and smells amazing.

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Making the Switch to Wen by Chaz

Being able to have the most beautiful hair you have ever had in your life can sometimes be difficult because of the fact that you don’t know what type of product to use in order to get more beautiful hair. The problem that so many women and men have is that they continually use different types of shampoos and this prevents them from getting their hair looking its best. The reason for this is because of the fact that it can actually strip your hair of any natural moisture or oil that you have in there and this is why it might be difficult for you to tame your hair on a regular basis.

Going with a cleansing conditioning option like the one you will find with the most famous company known as Wen by Chaz might be the option for you. Wen by Chaz is advertised on YouTube as one of the best cleansing conditioners out there because of the fact that it uses a variety of different essential oils to gently clean your hair without actually stripping it of all of its natural oils and moisture. This means that you can have beautifully cleaned hair with a balance that will allow you to feel and look your absolute best.

There are also many different types and scents that come with the brand known as Wen by Chaz and this is why people have chosen it for themselves because it allows them to truly choose something that fits their needs and lifestyle. You can buy Wen by Chaz in any high-end cosmetic store or by even going online to see what type of products happen to be available to you. Getting Gorgeous Hair is easy when you make the decision to switch to Cleansing conditioner instead of using shampoo regularly that is stripping your hair without you even knowing it.

Need Wen? Order online thru Sephora or at this link:

Jose Borghi Does Not Expect Handouts

A lot of people expect to achieve success through luck and assistance. Often times, people start businesses and achieve success through loans and investments on However, it is not always required to get investments or loans in order to get a business going. Sometimes, people have to take the time to do their own marketing and start from the ground up. However, it takes a certain knowledge for some aspiring business owners to decide whether or not they want to work on their business without the extra financial boost. This is the story of Jose Borghi. Jose Borghi has started from the bottom and built up an advertising company that has provided some of the best advertisements for companies.

Jose has had to deal with a lot of adverse circumstances when he had to start his business. He himself has admitted that there is not going to be any handouts. No one is going to give him anything. As a matter of fact, not only did Jose Borghi realize that no one was going to give him anything, he also understood that he is living in a world of takers. People would try to take things from him. Therefore, he has had to be careful with his projects.

Borghi’s business also involved a lot of marketing. He needed to spread awareness about himself in order to get the amount of work he needed in order to make his business a successful venture. However, when his company has taken off, he has used his creativity to put forth a lot of commercials that had a lot of different effects on people.

Jose Borghi’s company, Borghi Lowe, has won a lot of awards in the industry. Among the awards that Borghi won were 14 Lions Cannes awards, 10 The One Show awards, and plenty of other awards. However, Jose Borghi was not doing this for the awards. He has done this for the creativity. He has enjoyed this journey. This is one of the very important aspects of the career. If one person enjoys his journey, he is going to go a lot further than he imagines.

Knowing What One Wants And Being Flexible With Event Planning

When it comes to planning events, one of the worst mistakes one could make is to have no idea on what is wanted. At the same time, another way to go wrong is to be too stiff about what is wanted. One thing that someone should be able to do is to explain the details of his event when it comes time to meet the event planner in person. After all, event planners do want input on the event that they are working on even though they themselves can come up with their own creative solutions.

Before hiring event planners in NYC, one has to make sure that he knows the type of event planners that he is looking at. One of the event planning companies NYC houses is 23 Layers. The professional planners of this firm are some of the most creative and professional workers in the industry. When hiring Twenty Three Layers, the planners will sit with the host in order to discuss the different aspects of the party that he is planning. They will take the time to discuss with him which aspect of the party is going to work and what needs to be adjusted. Also, there is a lot of room for some revisions during any part of the process.

Among the different aspects of party planning that 23 Layers deals with are venue selection, catering, photography, entertainment and plenty of other aspects. 23 Layers will make sure that every aspect of the party is taken care of from the planning to the cleaning. The host does not have to do a lot of work. 23 Layers also makes sure that the party planning process is fun and positive. After all, parties and events are for celebrations. 23 Layers makes sure that everything is working well in the party so that attendees will have fun.