Paul Mampilly, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a renowned American investor and financial advisor. In his usual unique way, he shares his thoughts on cryptocurrency. Mampilly firmly believes that the cryptocurrency bubble will burst shortly. The previous winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition relates the current state of cryptocurrency to the 1999 stock market rally that would leave investors without any investments. And to reinforce his point, he states that it is only a matter of time before cryptocurrency investors lose their money. Follow Paul on Facebook.

The 1999 bubble was composed of some companies with a solid reputation. Stocks that were not representations of real companies rose so high a clear indication that things were not okay. The massive stock bubble kept drawing in new investors who were unaware of the situation. Paul Mampilly sold his investments and two a year later he lived to cherish his decision. The current cryptocurrency state is not any different.

A cryptocurrency is a form of payment means that exists solely online, beyond the control of any single centralized government. This form of currency is controlled by the use of very sophisticated rules and cryptographic patterns with Bitcoin at the head and by far the most prosperous. Other types have since emerged as the interest in Bitcoin grew. Several important organizations and people of high standard took it leading to its popularity in no time. Several governments have officiated the technology, and many more are following in the direction. Paul points out the rapid growth history of cryptocurrency and terms it as high interest in assets of unknown value that would eventually lead to a sudden loss.


Bitcoin established an impressive growth rate to a peak of $19,000 with many critics and idolizers alike. Some people characterized it as the tech of the future while those with a solid understanding of currency claimed the opposing opinion. Later Bitcoin took a plunge before temporary stabilization at $8,000. The financial expert, however, warns that the worst is yet to come.

Economic Bubbles occur when assets begin to sell at prices that outweigh actual functional value. This situation happens when investors invest heavily in assets that are deemed to be successful. Contrary to belief, investor Paul Mampilly’s sentiments are not as a result of failure to invest in cryptocurrency but rather due to the near-impossible evaluation associated with cryptocurrency. He firmly believes, however, that the very nature of the idea is impressive but investments at this time are highly risky. Follow Paul on

The influence of OSI industries in society

OSI Industries is a known business venture which has specialized in the food sector. Therefore, it is concerned with the processing and supply of food products. The idea to start the business came from immigrant businesses. The founder of the company had started the company as a family business and using a different name. However, the Second World War brought about too many changes including relocation.

As the saying goes, change is the only inevitable thing. Therefore the company was revived in the United States where it started as a small retail shop. The supply of food was done only in a small area making even the management to be simple and not complex. The management was run by the family only but the effectiveness ensured growth.

Years down the line, the OSI Industries has grown to be a large company. It changed from a retail shop to opening several wholesale and retail shops. As a result, there had to be several changes to be done to ensure growth is constant. For instance, the management of OSI Industries took a turn from small management to a large management circle. There had to be other professionals who had to be inducted into the company for smooth operations to take place.

The company has grown to be international and stills prove to be effective in the services it provides. For this reason, it has managed to get several awards mostly because of great management and services provided. It has evolved technologically to provide more products as the channel to process food products was created. In addition, it has made several partnerships with other investors who are skilled and are equipped to promote the production of quality products and effective supply. Therefore, the company has gained more trust from the public located in different places due to its efficient and reliable services and high-quality food products it provides.

Moreover, the company has grown to gain a wider market for its products. The markets provided are present due to the opportunity to work with several countries whose public trust the products provided. To add on that, some of the branch countries such as China will help grow the market to larger scales. The economy of China is growing at a higher rate and the country has decided to join the World Trade Organization. This will pave the way to better chances of growth as OSI Industries is at the verge for a wider market. The market availability will be facilitated by the interaction with more countries.

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Equities First Holdings LLC Acquires Australia Market

Equities First Holdings Expands Global Market

The popular Equities First Holdings Group has expanded to an international platform. They have been able to team up with the Australian market to expand their global equity loan services. Their loans are based on a strict evaluation process to assume less risk. Their loans are based on the amount of equity you own. Equities First offers their customers personalized care with an evaluation of your business equity and finances. They have also been the leaders in nationwide lending with several complete deals on loans that have contributed to the success of many Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about how you can become a small business owner with a great loan opportunity. You’re invited to contact one of their friendly customer service professionals about a free consultation to evaluate your finances and help you qualify for an equity loan.

Barbara Stokes-On a Mission to Succeed

Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, has used her pull and influence to do a lot of good particularly with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA. She works with her team on a daily basis in order to get from the concept stage to completion as quickly as possible. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara and her husband work with their team to offer safe commercial and permanent housing combined with manufacturing techniques that cover on-site construction to modular homes. They apply these services to an array of purposes such as school campuses, residential developments, land planning, and military projects, to name a few.

Barbara Stokes majored in physics and biomedical engineering at Mercer University and also studied management, manufacturing, subjects applied to GSH and thermodynamics. She also received schooling in the structures and properties pertaining to materials.

Barbara is dedicated to helping the efforts of Disaster Relief Construction, and she and her husband volunteer their time to help those who need relief. After Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas, GSH received $28 million for the federal government for modular buildings.

Barbara is a hard-working mother who tries to find a balance in her long days. She is devoted to her family as well as to her work and is always striving to stay ahead of the business trend. She tries to keep her employees happy because when they are happy she believes that they perform better and ultimately the business will be more successful.

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GHS is a business that is completely woman-based and that works to its advantage since the company is able to obtain certain SBA programs. These programs are helping the company to grow and to become more successful.

Barbara believes that failures can be beneficial to the success of a business and is somewhat inevitable. The important thing is to learn from mistakes and to move on stronger for it. The key is never to give up.

Barbara also knows the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. Doing this will help to ensure your success. She also knows the value in listening to those around you. Read more at Business Insider.

The addition of two employees to Highland Capital Management

The investment manager of highland capital management that deals with global alternatives announced that they were hiring the professionals in the institution of business development. Another addition that they were making is the managing director Laurie Whetstone and Kieran as the director of the company. The reason why they were adding new staff is that they were anticipating that it would increase the opportunities. Because one of the competencies that highland was facing if distressed credit. Currently what the firm is running on various platforms like the credit strategies of the stressed and distressed. During the last credit cycle, there was something that highland established, and that is the distressed equity fund that would help them in being in control while focusing on the oriented investment that would be made on the loan that was senior secured of the firms that were in the distressed situation that is complex too. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

One of the biggest strength of highland capital management according to the co-chief investment Trey Parker, is that they take advantage of the opportunities that are created when the minor disruption occurs because in the market today the high yield size will create the opportunities. The team that they are coming up with is the one that will help with the connection, in connecting highland capital management with investors those that understand the dynamic and take advantage of the opportunities created.


Jim Dondero and Mark Okada are the once that founded highland capital management in 1993, with the aim that they will assist with the multibillion-dollar global investing managing. Over the 25 years, they have been in service the company has evolved, in making sure that they have their credit expertise and so that to expand to other asset classes they take advantage of the value-based approaches. The services that they offer like high yield credit, there are still other services that they provide including private equity, public equities and real estate the facilities have been built around a specialized team. The main headquarter of Highland is in Dallas, Texas. They still maintain other offices in Sao Paulo, New York, Singapore, Seoul and Buenos Aires. Read more at

Jeunesse Global can’t keep its Nevo energy drink in stock

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had led successful careers in the direct-marketing business, having founded many of the most successful companies in the industry. However, they had no idea what a blowout success their latest company, Jeunesse Global would turn out to be. Founded as a simple means to pass the time in the boring and idle hours of retirement, Ray and Lewis’ latest venture would turn out to be one of the most spectacular successes that the international health and beauty industry had ever seen.

One of the factors behind the success of Jeunesse Global was the fact that, from the outset, it was designed to be a different kind of company. Ray and Lewis had long ago acquired enough wealth so that they never again would be required to work. But they kept going because the direct-marketing industry was where their passions lay.

With Jeunesse Global, Ray and Lewis viewed their latest project more as a way of making a great life statement, their magnum opus, than as a vehicle for acquiring even more wealth that they would never realistically be able to use. As a result, the company has been behind the creation of some of the most innovative and widely lauded products that have come out of the health and beauty industry in decades.

One example of such a groundbreaking product is the company’s energy drink, Nevo. Nevo is a great-tasting answer to many of the highly synthetic energy drinks on the market today. Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, Nevo delivers the same energy boost as products like Red Bull. But it has the taste of freshly squeezed fruit juice, and it has a cleaner, natural high without the sudden and deep crash common to other highly processed energy drinks.

Nevo is just one of the more than a dozen products that make up the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System, a basket of products that puts the ability in the hands of users to stay feeling healthy and young. The Youth Enhancement System can help people stave off the effects of aging for years or decades to come.

Southridge Capital’s Outside the Box Financial Management Solutions

Southridge Capital is a financial services company that serves the diverse needs of its clients by providing them with innovative financial solutions. It has financed over 250 public companies and provides many services under the advisory umbrella as well as other services to companies who work with it.

One of the advisory services that Southridge Capital offers is Financial Analysis, which involves providing the company it is advising with projected financial statements based on the company’s current financial operations. It also offers Balance Sheet Optimization, through which a balance between debt and equity is managed. It also offers Restructuring Analysis, which is focused on helping a company restructure its assets as necessary, and Bankruptcy Advice, which includes negotiations and restructuring in order to keep a company it is advising from going bankrupt. Southridge Capital focuses on thinking outside of the box in its restructuring efforts and collaborates directly with the creditors of the company it works with in addition to offering monetization of the company’s assets.

Southridge Financial’s management team is made up of five individuals – Stephen M. Hicks, founder and CEO, Narine Persaud, CFO and Controller, Laurence J. Ditkoff as CPA and Director of Research, Henry B. Sargent as COO and General Counsel, and Linda Carlsen with Portfolio Management. Check out to know more.

In addition to thinking outside the box when it comes to asset management, Southridge Capital also thinks outside the box in terms of philanthropy. Along with his wife, CEO Stephen Hicks founded the Daystar Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports organizations such as the Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Ridgefield Community Center and the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation.

Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 and is based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. In addition to their advisory roles at many companies, it has helped fund Raft International’s Venture Round as a lead investor in 2005 and Fakespace Systems’ Venture Round in 2001. It has invested over $1.8 billion into companies all over the world since its launch and in 2015 it entered into a $5 million equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services, a company based in Dallas, Texas.

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End Citizens United Push For The Senate In 2018

The disastrous Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, ruled that campaign donations were a type of free speech. This ruling essentially deregulated limits on elections spending, allowing special interest groups and wealthy donors to spend as much as they wanted in campaigns without the need for transparency, thus permitting billionaires the power to control American elections.

The group End Citizens United (ECU) is working hard to change this. Headquartered in Washington D.C., ECU is a nonprofit political action committee, or PAC, built by grassroots donors with the goal to end all big money in politics. As a traditional PAC, it cannot accept donations larger than $5,000 from any individual donor. Despite the donation limit, its wide-ranging fundraising efforts have brought in many new donors and raised $25 million in 2016, even topping the lists of elections spending by Democratic-aligned groups. ECU has even higher aspirations for 2018 and is expected to raise and spend $35 million on reelection races.

End Citizens United has been active across the country, and their plan to accomplish election reform is to get “finance reform champions” elected. It endorses candidates who refuse to accept corporate PAC money like Senators Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand. Senator Booker was praised for renouncing PAC donations in a statement by ECU’s president Tiffany Muller, “Senator Booker’s decision to reject corporate PAC money demonstrates his leadership in the fight to unrig the system that’s leaving too many Americans behind.” Of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Ms. Muller stated, “By taking the pledge, Senator Gillibrand is taking a firm stand against Big Money.” The number of candidates who have stopped using corporate PAC money has been growing with ECU endorsing more than 70 people running for office, including Senate candidates Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and Debbie Stabenow.

In addition to supporting candidates, End Citizens United has targeted a group of people in Congress it calls the “Big Money 20” it considers to be part of the problem. These are individuals who have favored special interests over their own constituents by repeatedly accepting big corporate donations or backing legislation that benefited big donors and opposing campaign reform. The list includes such individuals as Speaker Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz.

What To Expect From OSI Food Solutions in the Future

The world is in constant motion and just like a shark, if the world stops moving, it will surely die. Though that statement is harsh, it is about 99.9 percent accurate. Money, power and food makes the world go around. Food is definitely the most important feature of the three because you can actually live without money, and you can live without power. Did you know that supermarkets and food retailors receive the majority of their rood products from foodservice suppliers? Yes, and these suppliers can come in a huge size as well as come in a small size. OSI Food Solutions just so happens to be on the larger side of things as it has complete dominance of the food service industry in general terms.

Why is OSI so special? Well, this Aurora-based food supplier is a giant to say the least. In 2011, the company brought in an estimated $3 billion in revenue, which placed it on the Forbes list at the 136th position. Fast-forward to 2016, OSI Food Solutions has progressed up to the 58th position by bringing in an estimated $6.1 billion in revenue. This company has been gaining ground in a number of ways. One of the major reasons for this increase is that the company has up to 65 facilities. Many of these wonderful facilities are loaded with advanced technologies. Some of the locations for these facilities is in Ukraine, in Austria, in Australia, in Brazil, in Poland, in Germany, in Canada and in Japan.

China’s economy has grown substantially thanks to OSI. The company has been conducting business with this nation for more than two decades, and it has become China’s biggest producer of poultry thanks to its 10 facilities. OSI Food Solutions also supplies many of the top fast-food restaurants, which includes McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. The sky is the limit thanks to the company’s CEO Sheldon Lavin as well as the company’s President David McDonald.

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Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey from Front Page Confidential React to Arpaio’s Pardoning

Joe Arpaio liked to think of himself as a tough on crime sheriff during his time serving Maricopa County.

He used harsh methods to deal with criminals and those who spent time in his jail. Reports have been coming out of the cruel, immoral behavior within Arpaio’s Tent City ever since it was created in 1993. Other reports claim that while under Arpaio’s care a pregnant woman was chained to a bed.  Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

In 2007, Arpaio was involved in an incident that would eventually make him a convicted criminal. Arpaio arrest a Mexican citizen who was in the United States on a tourist visa; Joe Arpaio admitted to using racial profiling as a way to determine who to arrest.

A judge ordered Arpaio to stop enforcing immigration laws; when Arpaio refused to abide by the judges order, he was charged and convicted with criminal contempt of court.

Victims of Arpaio knew that the charges were minimal. Joe Arpaio was facing six months in prison, but it was very unlikely the 85 year old would spend a single day in jail. Donald Trump confirmed the theory when he extended a pardon to Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio eagerly accepted it.

Despite the fact that a pardon is an admission of guilt, Arpaio is still telling people he was innocent of his crimes. Arpaio is claiming that he misunderstood the judge’s order, so he shouldn’t be guilty of the crime.

Victims of Arpaio are now reacting to news of the pardoning.

Two such victims are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two journalists met in college and went on to purchase The Phoenix New Times. They were also illegal arrested by Joe Arpaio.

When the journalists refused to stop writing about Joe Arpaio in their paper, even after being subpoenaed, Joe Arpaio sent his deputies to pull them from their homes.

Journalists all over the country took to their columns to discuss the immoral actions of Arpaio. The result was a public outcry so loud that Maricopa County had no choice but to release Lacey and Larkin. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

As free men, Lacey and Larkin decided to sue. It took 6 years, but the duo finally received their payment in the form of 3.75 million dollars.

Lacey and Larkin chose use the cash for altruistic purposes. They have been supporting local charities in the area with their organization called The Frontera Fund. With their Fund, they have donated money and provided resources to charities such as The ACLU of Arizona, and 1070.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have also founded a brand new newspaper. Their previous paper had always been politically focused but not quite so much so as Front Page Confidential.

With their new paper, Lacey and Larkin have all corrupt politicians in their figurative sights. By using Front Page Confidential, the journalists intend to reveal certain politicians for the wicked individuals they are.